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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Instagram views? In fact, it is possible to buy Instagram views. The only thing you should do is choose a relevant and trustworthy online source and order a service. One such panel is our SMM panel where we offer high-quality services, a fast start time of the service, and real users activity who will watch your Instagram content.
How do the views work on Instagram? On Instagram all users can see the number of views of posts. However, if your video content is included in a ‘carousel’ (Instagram post including multiple video and photo content) you won’t be able to see the number of views you got. Besides, video loops also are not counted as views, only when a user watches a video for 3 seconds and more.
How to increase Instagram views?
There are several ways to increase Instagram views:
  1. Generate interest, ask questions and share opinion of your target audience;
  2. Come up with your own posting schedule to generate activity on your Instagram profile;
  3. Experiment with different editing style for your Instagram content and create your own style;
  4. Share using Instagram Stories;
  5. Opt for Instagram Ads to reach new audiences;
  6. Buy Instagram views and improve your engagement.