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Soundcloud is a platform where artists and labels can create profiles, upload music and immediately start promoting it to a huge audience of dedicated music fans and just music lovers. This site shows listeners the popularity of a track based on the number of likes, listens and reposts. If a listener visits your profile with no idea what kind of artist you are, the popularity of individual tracks can encourage them to become your fan.

Reposting is the fastest way to post tracks to your profile page and share your favorite new discoveries on SoundCloud with your friends and followers. Click the repost button below any track or playlist to add it to the top of your profile and share it in your subscribers' streams. Someone who Reposts your song puts it at the top of their profile. Not only that but it's also shared with all of their followers' Streams.

For musicians themselves, the repost feature is a great chance to get more popular. Soundcloud reposts are a way to organically increase listening, liking, and adding tracks.

No matter how good and cool your tracks are, we know that promoting them is still quite a challenge. That’s why we offer you a service which will increase SoundCloud reposts of your tracks.

Why should I buy SoundCloud reposts?

  1. Soundcloud's algorithm reacts to what kind of activity is happening under your audio. If you have a lot of reposts, Soundcloud realizes that listeners like your music and starts putting your music at the top of playlists and offers.
  2. A large number of reposts is a great way to attract organic traffic to you as an artist. It’s a great chance to show your music to more people and, as a result, get more subscribers and fans.
  3. In turn, more traffic is a big plus for you if you're looking for studios or sponsors. Your successes on Soundcloud can be a strong argument for collaborating with you.

What else can be done to get heard on SoundCloud?

  1. Add tags!

  2. This open audio platform has over 20 million music creators who upload millions of tracks for their listeners in 190 countries. A couple of years ago, there were already over 200 million tracks on the platform. So how do you make sure your users find you and listen to you?

    One of the best ways to get found is through tags. Tags allow listeners to find you when searching on SoundCloud.The more concise and precise your tags are, the easier your music will be found by the listeners who want to hear it most.

  3. Think about album art

  4. Album artwork matters. Especially on SoundCloud. Your album or track cover represents your music wherever it is. That's why it's so important.

    The album cover should be recognizable and unusual, it's what can provoke users to listen to your music. Always use a JPG or PNG of at least 800 x 800 pixels for best results.

    If you can't make the desired image yourself, hire a designer or photographer. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on the design at all. There are many aspiring designers, photographers and illustrators who will be happy to do a cover for you for free or for a nominal price, just to add the image to their portfolio afterwards. Look for resources, platforms where young authors are published, you are sure to find someone who will be happy to cooperate with you.

  5. Tell us about your track

  6. Be sure to share your tracks on social media. Once you upload a track, share it on all your platforms under the "Share" tab.

    You can also automatically post your tracks to all your social platforms by linking your accounts. Just go to Account Settings to manage your links. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can be connected for auto-posting. Connect your accounts and get your tracks to all those ears!

    Don't post blank links to your music. Talk about your track. How it was created, who helped you produce it, what idea you put into your music. Tell your audience why you work in this genre. If you manage to intrigue the reader with your story, he will definitely become your listener.

    Don’t be shy and ask for a repost of your track in your post. Ask your friends and creators you know to share your music on their page, blog or in direct messages. Use the tips mentioned above and our service for high efficiency.

To get more reposts quickly buy SoundCloud promotion on our platform.

Features of the service:

  • Guaranteed quick and timely delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can they ban my account for buying Reposts by Soundcloud?

No, you will not get banned for using our legit service, because we provide only high quality and real reposts. But we cannot guarantee your account's safety if you use third-party unqualified providers that violate SoundCloud terms.

Will anyone know that I have purchased SoundCloud reposts?

No one will notice that you are promoting your channel. Customer safety and privacy are our core values.

How can I buy reposts by SoundCloud?

It’s really simple. Open SoundCloud and find a track you want to promote. Click the “Share” button, then tap “Message” and you will see the link. The link consists of your nickname and the title of the song. Copy this link and paste it into the “Link” line. Choose the quantity of reposts you want and the payment method which suits you best.

We know that the path to popularity is not simple. Our services are designed in such a way as to help you to get to the top with no problems. If you have any questions left, please, contact our Support Team via life-chat on our site. We wish you the best, creator!