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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy real Spotify followers? You can buy Spotify followers that involve real users' activity. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the source where you will order the service from. If you buy Spotify followers from Views.Biz you will get only real people activity which means that you will not get suspended from the platform.
Should you buy Spotify followers? Buying Spotify followers is not illegal, on the contrary, if the service you paid for complies with the terms and conditions of Spotify and you chose a trustworthy source you won’t even get banned. If you buy Spotify followers from Views.Biz you will improve your engagement rate as we provide only real people activity which will definitely boost your popularity on the platform.
Can you get fake Spotify followers? Unfortunately, there are a lot of online sources that offer fake and bot Spotify followers. If you decide to buy Spotify followers consider getting them from reliable SMM panels. Views.Biz never offers fake followers, but real Spotify users’ activity to promote your music content on the platform at the best prices.
Is paying for Playlisting illegal? Paying for Playlisting is not illegal, actually, a lot of Spotify creators have already tried ordering this kind of service to expose their music content to wider audiences. What you do in this is you buy Spotify followers that are real users improving your content's ‘showcase’. The more people are listening to your playlists and going through your songs the more viral your playlist gets.
How to get 1k followers on Spotify? To get 1000 followers on Spotify focus on creating high-quality content that will attract and engage your target audience. Promote your music on other social media, create playlists to increase exposure and reach more listeners. Collaborate with other artists, be consistent with posting, or simply buy Spotify followers and make your content go viral in less than 2 mins.