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Although YouTube is mostly an entertainment platform, the service has also proven to be a valuable tool for marketers. According to statistics provided by Google, up to 70% of viewers make a purchase from a brand after watching a video on YouTube. And considering that the user base of the platform exceeds 2 billion people, it is safe to say that your target audience is definitely there.

In today's world, the visual component of marketing domains. Video marketing has the same goals as marketing in general. Roughly speaking, its purpose is to win new customers, increase brand loyalty and stimulate sales.

Here are a few points that define why YouTube is a great platform for video marketing:

  1. Brand recognition.

  2. Video content helps increase brand awareness. When you consider the potential value that video creates, producing videos is cost-effective. And if a video goes viral, it's a jackpot for business. A lot of people are now looking for visual information about brands and services and it's good if people find your YouTube channel and can learn more about your brand.

  3. Engagement.

  4. Feedback is very important in modern marketing. Being active on YouTube will give you the opportunity to connect with your customers. How valuable would be the opinion of customers who write right below your video that they tried, felt, etc., after learning about your product? This benefit cannot be overestimated!

  5. Relevance.

  6. Many customers check a brand's social media channels before buying a product. It's good if you always have up-to-date information on your YouTube channel. This way you let potential customers know that you are active.

  7. Building loyalty.

  8. Video develops a connection between the brand and the audience. Viewers who watch a brand's video content trust it more and emotionally connect with it. And if your brand's channel ends up in your customer's favorite bookmarks, they'll come back to it again and again, and their loyalty and interest will grow and strengthen over time. The bonus you'll get is the establishment of a strong community around your company.

  9. Personalization.

  10. Personalized video marketing has proven to be the most effective for businesses. Using social media data from a mailing list, you can create engaging content that meets the needs of a specific audience. YouTube in this vein is a very productive and useful platform because through video you can communicate directly with the viewer, ask questions and get answers. This is a huge field for gathering unique information about your audience, which will later serve as the ground for creating that very personalized content.

  11. Communication.

  12. YouTube is one of the most progressive and promising communication channels today. More than 50% of the audience on YouTube (approximately 1 billion users) are young people from 18 to 35 years old, the most active and ready for experiments segment of the audience.

  13. Increasing sales.

  14. Taken together, the most important goal for a business is to increase sales. And YouTube helps you do that perfectly, because it gives you the opportunity to attract new customers from the site.

Here is a list of ideas for content for your brand:

  • Explainer Videos.

  • In an animated explainer video, a business can explain your company’s product/service and your approach to a consumer problem. In this way, you can target consumers at the consideration stage of the buyer journey.

  • FAQ videos.

  • You could even make FAQ videos. People often struggle to find answers for their questions. It often takes too long to wait for the answer from the support service. Make your clients' life easier - answer the most frequent questions without waiting for your customer to ask them.

  • How-to videos.

  • Create demos which will help your audience to make sense of the most difficult aspects of your service or product. These help to guide viewers to more information about your product. People are likely to buy things that they know how to deal with.

  • Customer Testimonials.

  • Consumers as well as businesses want to hear from people they can relate to. Consider featuring testimonials from customers who’ve solved popular problems with your product/service. Then you can increase your social proof.

  • Live Streaming.

  • Live streaming is now in demand. Broadcasting an event can give your brand a broader reach. Live streams also create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Do you have a global customer base or people can’t make it to the event? Then live streams can help you increase brand awareness. Plus, streams can be branded with things like logos to improve the awareness. You could even use this video strategy for speaking engagements and panel discussions. These all help to establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Corporate and Brand Story Videos.

  • Corporate and brand story videos are a great way to capture your company’s essence. People like to see the faces behind the brand that they’re aligning with.

  • Don't forget to insert links to your website and related products below the video!

  • Include YouTube videos on your website page and add traffic to your channel that way. Don't forget to analyze your channel: views, likes and dislikes.

The dislike function is now hidden, but many people get them back. How to do it?

You can do it with a special extension Return YouTube Dislike for Google Chrome. Here's a link to that program:

  • In the window that opens, click "Install extension;
  • Open YouTube on your computer and run the video;
  • Pay attention to the counter below the video - the dislikes are back;
  • This program allows you to see the exact number of metrics.

Bringing all of these points to life is not easy. We are happy to help you with important metrics on YouTube. With us you can order any metrics, including buy YouTube video dislikes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy YouTube dislikes at all? You can add dislikes to other people's videos just by copying the link to those videos. There's a lot of competition on YouTube and if you want to get ahead, you can add the dislikes to the channels of your rivals. Moreover, if you only buy likes for your channel, it may seem suspicious. A YouTube video with a "dislike" mark will look more natural and build trust in your channel. Also, it's important to understand that any activity is good for your channel.
Is there a way to get YouTube dislikes back? To get YouTube dislikes back we advise you to visit Google Chrome Web Store and install ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ and then refresh your YouTube page to see the result.
Why did the CEO of YouTube remove dislikes? According to the sources YouTube authorities removed dislikes as very often they didn’t show the attitude towards the video but how viewers perceived a particular YouTube channel in general.
Do dislikes hurt YouTube algorithm? In fact, it affects the activity and engagement of a particular channel but doesn't affect it negatively. In any case, the channel’s ranking will be impacted equally by thumbs up and down.

Does dislikes affect YouTube money? Regardless of the fact whether the video is the most disliked video on YouTube, creators still receive monetization. You can reach popularity much faster if you buy YouTube likes, this way you will appear even higher in ranking and attract more organic traffic.
Is return YouTube dislikes accurate? This process is pretty accurate according to various sources. All you have to do is to download an extension ‘Return YouTube Dislikes’ by accessing Google's API.
Has YouTube hidden dislikes? In fact, the number of dislikes are hidden on YouTube and it is not possible to see it. Creators will still track the number of dislikes their video gets, moreover, when you give a dislike to the video it will also affect your recommendations.
Can Youtubers see if you disliked? The details about the users who gave a dislike to the video is hidden, you will not see who did it as dislikes and likes are anonymous on YouTube.
Does the YouTube algorithm punish you? YouTube algorithm will not suspend you from the platform. Its priority is to analyze the overall channel’s video performance. The thing that will help you beat its algorithms is to optimize video titles and descriptions.

Do I have to register on your site to buy dislikes? No. You don't have to register - just fill out a simple form and instantly get information about your opinions, likes and dislikes. However, registering will give you access to a control panel that will allow you to create and monitor your orders, view statistics, and more.
Do I have a guarantee that the service will work? Of course, you do! Our services have a refill guarantee and in case of a drop we will provide you with all lost dislikes. By the way, our services have a drip-feed so you can customize the volume of dislikes and intervals.
YouTube algorithm will not suspend you from the platform. Its priority is to analyze the overall channel’s video performance. The thing that will help you beat its algorithms is to optimize video titles and descriptions.