YouTube Real Likes
$ 5.50 / 1000 Currently not available

YouTube Real Likes

$ 5.50 / 1000
Currently not available

Why do I need it?

Channel or a specific video promotion should be carried out in a complex: you need to monitor not only the number of views, but also the number of likes, as well as the ratio of likes and dislikes. Sometimes the amount of views doesn’t correspond to the number of likes for the video, because many people just watch the video and leave. However, if you want to get into the recommendations and reach the top, you need to remember that YouTube algorithms will take into account all indicators. You can buy YouTube likes, dislikes and subs on our website.

How does it work and how safe is it?

You can determine the number of likes/dislikes yourself, but it’s better to focus on both the number of views and subs amount so that these numbers look realistic.

To place an order you provide a link to the video and specify the number of likes you want. Depending on the service, delivery speed and cost vary. 

We provide you only real subscribers and likes from real people, so it’s safe to use our services. By the way, our services have a drip-feed so you can customize the volume of likes and subs and intervals.

How to get more likes on YouTube?

In order to get great amount of likes you have to take a lot of actions: create an attention-grabbing title, write a good video description, include relevant tags, add a lot of hashtags and finally to ask your subs to like your videos. Or you just can by YouTube likes on our website. We'll provide you quality and real likes.


If there is the drop possibility exists, how can I be sure in positive results?


There are a range of services in our system - one that have a refill guarantee and another without it. If the service has a guarantee, you'll understand it with the help of 'Refill' green label in service description. Otherwise, service without guarantee will have 'No refill' label. Refill system will work in case of the order partial drop and guarantee that you'll receive your order in full. Guarantee can be limited in time, for example, 30 days refill or lifetime guarantee. Also it can be limited in volumes of refill: 400% refill or, for instance, 150% refill. In order to clarify the service's conditions, please, read the description of service.


Will I get banned? Can I buy safe likes on YouTube?


No, you won't get banned because our YouTube likes are quality and real, as stated above. Our services comply with the Terms and Conditions and the YouTube Policy. Also, we don't need your personal account information, so working with us is safe and excludes banning or hacking your account.


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