CTR on Youtube Video
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CTR on Youtube Video

$ 40.00 / 1000

CTR on Youtube

СTR (click-through rate) - one metric that can vastly increase your chances of getting more views. The YouTube impressions metric shows how many times viewers saw the thumbnail of your video as a suggestion. CTR is the percentage of how many times your video icon has been shown and how many times it has been clicked on to watch the video. This indicator is important because it shows how many users clicked on your video and, therefore, how much attention it attracts. The start time is 0 - 6 Hours . Min quantity is 500 CTR views, and max quantity is 10000 CTR views
How will your promotion help my Youtube account grow? Frame-62-2
  • The more CTR a video has, the better chance YouTube will suggest your video when users search for related content and show you more often in the Recommended.
  • Your video will start showing as a suggestion, so your CTR starts to grow.
  • And this, in turn, means that your visibility will increase, new subscribers will appear, and your channel's viewing time, which is so important for monetizing content, will increase.
  • Youtube users get an opportunity to come across your content much easier as your content gets more appealing to masses;
  • Organic growth of your Youtube content is guaranteed as well as the fastest promotion.
  • How to find your progress after the purchase in Youtube Analytics? It is very simple, the first thing you should do is to go to your YouTube Studio and click on “Analytics” on the left menu.
    Click on the “Views” tab:
    See a graph showing the number of views you get and information about watch time and the number of your new subscribers. Click on Watch time to see more details about how long users have been watching your videos.
    Is it legal to buy CTR on Youtube? Our services do not violate any policies of the platform. Getting services from our page is absolutely legitimate. Our professional team thoroughly tests the services and they are proven to comply with terms and conditions of Youtube
    Is it safe for my Youtube account? We never use bots or any kind of software in our promotion processes. On our page you will find only secure and safe promotion. Besides, our customers never get suspended from Youtuve.
    How long to start/deliver? The start time is 0 - 6 Hours . You will see the result in 2-4 days.
    What’s your guarantees? Once you get a CTR on Youtube you become more credible, appear in recommendation section faster, and beating up the Youtube algorithm is guaranteed.
    Why buy CTR on Youtube from Views.biz VS Competitors' best choice? By getting the CTR on Youtube from Views.biz you not only draw maximum attention to your content, but also you have a unique chance to improve your overall Youtube profile performance. In 2-3 days your account will grow organically and more users will come across your content and may start following you

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