Instagram Likes [No refill]
$ 1.35 1.50 / 1000
No refill

Instagram Likes [No refill]

$ 1.35 1.50 / 1000

Likes are an important indicator of a profile’s ranking, and they play an even bigger role on Instagram than on other social networks. Likes can be classified as a kind of a signal to the Instagram algorithm that a post with a photo or reel has been approved by most users. 

Why do I need it?

With a large number of likes your posts will receive more and more coverage, which means more people will be able to see your products or services you provide. Also you can make money from promoting your posts which is also impossible without a sufficient number of likes. 

Buy our Power Like service to reach the top and attract more customers or just fans.

Furthermore, don’t forget about additional Instagram features like Reels, which is actively gaining popularity among users and also need a promotion.

How fast will I get the likes on Instagram?

Almost all of our Instagram Likes services have an instant start and the maximum allowed start time is 24 hours. Some of them start within an hour. The speed of your posts likes can reach 100K/day. Reels likes speed starts from 1K/Day to 5K/day depending on the service

Will I get banned or can I purchase safe likes on Instagram?

No, you will not get banned for using our legit service, because we provide only high quality and real likes. But we cannot guarantee your account's safety if you use third-party unqualified providers that break Instagram terms.

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