Instagram Live Video Views + Likes + Comments [FOR 30 MINUTES]
$ 37.50 / 1000
No refill

Instagram Live Video Views + Likes + Comments [FOR 30 MINUTES]

$ 37.50 / 1000

Instagram Live Video Views + Likes + Comments

We introduce a service which provides you with 20 - 5 000 worldwide Instagram users’ activity (views, likes and comments on your IG TV video). The start time for the delivery is 0-1 hour and the speed is 30K per day. This service is only for public Instagram videos. Also, there is no refill guarantee.
Will I grow on Instagram with your promotion? 112.png
Many users who want to increase their popularity on Instagram buy promotion services for Live Video Views because the big number of followers is an indicator for platform algorithms that users like the content. And if people find your content interesting, Instagram algorithms will promote your account.
Is buying Instagram users’ activity on Live Videos worth the money? The price for Instagram Live Video views, likes and comments is correlated to the high quality and reliability of a service. Be careful when you use cheap services from other companies. Cheap services are usually unsafe and of low quality. Moreover, they use bot traffic, which is against the platform's terms of service and could result in the suspension or termination of your account.
Is it safe to buy an activity for Live Video on Instagram? Our clients’ safety is our top priority, therefore, we provide them with only trustworthy services. Before launching each of our services we test it multiple times. When you buy an activity for Live Videos on Instagram from website be sure that the final version of the service complies with the quality standards.
How fast will you deliver my order? 200.png
We try to deliver your order as soon as possible, but the speed depends on the service type. To learn the approximate delivery time, look into the ‘Specifications’ section. This service will be processed within 1 hour.
What are your guarantees? We have a huge experience in the SMM promotion market, which allowed us to spot and implement the best promotion techniques. We’re open about our services, so you can find a detailed description on each service type.
Why choose your services to buy activity for Live Video for your Instagram profile? Many aspiring bloggers and influencers wonder how to get more Instagram activity and widen the reach of their content. provides everyone with such an opportunity and offers a wide range of safe and high-quality SMM promotion services.
How to get Instagram activity from a specific location? This service allows you to get worldwide Instagram followers. If you want to change GEO for your followers, you need to look for other services in the ‘Services and pricing’ section.
Will my activity on a Live Video drop after time? Drops are a common thing for all Instagram users. With us, you don’t need to worry about drops — we ‘overfill’ your order, i.e. add more activity than you buy. Therefore, you’ll have the activity you actually ordered after the drop.
How to buy an activity for Live Video on Instagram ? Here’s a quick guide on how to buy Instagram followers with First, visit our website. After that, go to the ‘Create order’ section, where you can choose the service type and platform you want to get promoted on. If you already know which service you need, you can go to the ‘Services and pricing’ section instead. Regardless of the section, fill out all the details and you get activity for Live Video on your Instagram profile!

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