Instagram Story Views [High Quality] [Username only] [No Refill]
$ 1.00 / 1000 Currently not available
No refill

Instagram Story Views [High Quality] [Username only] [No Refill]

$ 1.00 / 1000
Currently not available

Stories and IGTV are not new, but a very popular feature of Instagram. Regular users use stories to share short information, photos or short videos, however bloggers or influencers sometimes use it to advertise a product or service and attach a link to another resource. Instagram uses Stories and IGTV views to help creators estimate each viewer’s level of interest in their content. It helps the Instagram algorithms facilitate interaction between users and content makers.

Why do I need it?

Stories have a 24 hour time limit, which is why it’s worth increasing views of a particular story in order to attract new audiences in a short time. 

 IGTV on the contrary allows you to shoot videos of any duration, but you may face the fact that there will not be enough views: viewers are too lazy to watch to the end and the required number of views is not gained. In both cases you need our help in increasing views to promote your Instagram profile organically, because if your stories or IGTV gets more views, it will be seen by more people

Do I have any guarantees?

Yes, some services provide you a refill guarantee in case of a drop. Refill means that in case of the order's partial drop, we'll automatically compensate it. Also you can always ask your questions to our support team, and managers are always here to help you and solve the problem. 

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