YouTube High Retention Views [15 min+ retention]
$ 9.21 16.75 / 1000

YouTube High Retention Views [15 min+ retention]

$ 9.21 16.75 / 1000

YouTube Views with 15 min retention

With this service, you can get high-retention YouTube Views for your videos. The start of delivery is 0 - 12 hours and the speed can reach 2K/Day views. You’ll buy views from Worldwide users and get a 30-day refill guarantee in case of drops.
Will I grow on YouTube with your promotion? 6.png
If you want to grow on SMM platforms, you’ll need more engagement (i.e. YouTube views and followers, comments). This way, the platform algorithms will think you’re popular. One way to grow engagement on your profile is to buy real YouTube views for your content.
Is buying YouTube views worth the money? The price of real YouTube views is defined by their high quality and safety. Other SMM promotion companies may offer cheap YouTube views, but you need to be careful. Usually, when you buy YouTube views cheaply, the service uses bot traffic. However, YouTube policies prohibit you from using bots, so your account can be banned.
What is a refill guarantee? How will it help me? When you buy cheap YouTube views on our website, you can sometimes get a refill guarantee. This function helps you, in case the number of views you ordered drops. Drops usually happen due to the error in the work of YouTube internal algorithms. If you experience a drop, text our Support team (available 24/7), and we will refill your order. Please note that refill guarantee works only after your order is fully delivered. You can find out if a chosen service has a refill guarantee by looking at the ‘Specifications’ section.
Can I buy YouTube views safely? 7.png
When you buy YouTube views with our services, you can be sure it’s 100% safe. We care about our customers, and thus, test and improve our services as long as needed to get the best result. So, on the website you can see a version of service which complies with our strict quality standards.
How soon will you deliver my order? The start and delivery time depend on the service type. This service will be delivered within 3 hours. Look into the ‘Specifications’ section, to learn more about the speed. Note that this information is not exact — you can find a widget with order progress to see more realistic speed. We’re trying our best to deliver your order as soon as we can!
What are your guarantees? We are a company with 5+ years of experience in the SMM promotion market. With years, we’ve earned the reputation of the best site to buy YouTube views. Our happy customers share their opinion and experience on various websites, so you can find a lot of positive reviews. Many of them get the best of our services and buy real YouTube views for SMM promotion.
Why choose your services to buy YouTube views? Our company has a wide experience in SMM promotion, which allows us to find and apply the best practices. You won’t find such high quality and safe promotion services from other companies. GoldSMM is the best place to buy YouTube views. Our clients, who purchased cheap real YouTube views with our services, share their experience freely. You can find various reviews on websites, and even write one yourself!
Can I choose views from a specific location? This service type allows us to get YouTube views cheap from Canada and the USA users. You can also find other services on our website (see them in the ‘Service and pricing’ section) and more GEO-targeted services.
Will my views drop after time? A drop may happen to your order. But don’t worry — this can occur to every user due to the error in internal YouTube algorithms. The percentage of drops for this service barely reaches 15%. If the number of YouTube views is still low, notify our Support Team (available 24/7). We’ll deal with your problem as soon as we can.
How do I buy YouTube views? Do you need to get cheap fast YouTube views? Then, go to GoldSMM website and log in to your account. When logged in, find the ‘Create order’ section. On that page, choose a service type and SMM platform, and fill out the details (provide a link to a public YouTube video). Final step — place an order and get your views! Also, you can choose a specific service in the ‘Services and pricing’ section, fill out the details, and place an order as well.

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