YouTube service algorithms

YouTube service algorithms

June 01, 2021 — 3 mins read
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YouTube service algorithms are trying to show their users the most relevant content. How do these algorithms understand that the content matches the request and can be offered to the user? 

  •  First of all, the system relies on the description for the video, and the better it is composed, the higher rating the video will receive, and thus higher it will appear in the search results. 

  • The second more important parameter for bringing a video to the top of the search is the number of views. The more views, the more clicks on the main picture of the video, and the longer the views, the more relevant the content is considered. The output of videos to the trends section is based on the same algorithm. It includes videos that, in the first three hours after publication, gained more views. Of course, many secondary metrics track YouTube's decision-making algorithms, and one of the obvious ones is the length of the video. 

  • A long video that is fully watched will have priority in the search results, all other things being equal. But this does not in any way indicate that you need to shoot long videos. But I'll write about this below. Also, do not forget that YouTube is the number two search engine and when searching for videos of interest, the algorithms of the service count not only views of relevant content but also conduct an overall assessment of the channel for all available videos. 

  If on the channel videos with a large number of views prevail, then the overall rating of the channel will be higher. That will also be positively reflected in the search results.

 What metrics YouTube pays most attention to and what the success formula looks like?

 The first metric that YouTube is interested in is CTR. YouTube itself decrypts it as follows. CTR - How many times users watched the video after showing the icon. This indicator can be used to judge the effectiveness of the icons or, as they say, the brand of the icons. 

 The icon is the title picture that we see above the title of the video when searching, in the recommended, etc. This indicator can be viewed in the statistics for each video. 

  The second indicator is audience retention. The longer the video is watched, the better. If the video is watched to the end, it is generally perfect. Here you can just decide on the duration of the videos. The formula is simple, as long as they are watching, it is necessary to shoot as much. Information about the duration of watching videos is also available in the statistics section. We analyze, draw conclusions and optimize the content. 

 And the third indicator is the viewing depth. It is desirable that YouTube users watch videos one by one and do not leave the channel. The more videos they watch, the better. All information is also available in statistics.

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