It's Dropped Again! How to Protect Your Channel From Drops?

It's Dropped Again! How to Protect Your Channel From Drops?

March 25, 2021 — 3 mins read

If you want your video to get a lots of views and hit the trends of Youtube you need to use promotional tools. The main such tool are our YouTube views services. Here you can buy as many views as they wish. But some people mistrust this method because they are afraid of drops. But are drops related to the purchase of views? Are they really worth being afraid of? Why do drops happen and how we can solve this problem? Let's consider the merits of this case together.

YouTube algorithms are very sensitive. You can lose your views because Youtube doesn't like your content or your geo seems strange. Why aren’t all views counted? Why does YouTube take most of them?

It depends on several reasons:

  1. The speed of views delivery. For example, if there are 5 views delivered simultaneously, they might be counted as one.
  2. The topic. According to analysis, COVID-related videos and political videos will get under pessimization for 100%. Moreover, you must be careful with these topics: religion, weapon, discrimination etc. They are also likely to be under pessimization in some countries.
  3. A video doesn't correspond to YouTube Policy. We know some cases when a video was successfully uploaded and published, but restricted much later.
  4. Every country has different YouTube politics.

 Everyone has a problem with drops on Youtube videos and no one has reliable protection but we have one way which helps avoid this situation. 

If you want stable views without drops you need to use the services with a guaranteed refill. What does it mean?   

 Refill - an action that restores your views when they drop so your views stay on your video. Refill means that in case there are any drops on the counter, your order will be filled again. For instance, you ordered 1000 YouTube Views, the order was completed and then 300 views dropped. The number of views that have dropped (300 views) will be added back to your account.

We are doing everything to provide high-quality services. In very rare cases drops happen. When YouTube drops occur within 48 hours after your order is completed, you can contact Live Support. You will get a views refill. provides a wide range of services for any taste and allowance. According to the statistics, first of all, the buyer pays attention to the price and then the quality of the goods. The situation with the purchase of services is a little different. Our services of any price category guarantee that views on YouTube will be delivered efficiently and safely. However, it is worth noting the benefits of each type of guarantee on our platform. 

YouTube views with 150% refill are in the highest demand on our website. Their advantage lies not only in the price but also in the fact that the refill is performed automatically and the client does not need to worry about drops and spend the time contacting our supports and waiting for their answer. 150% refill means that if you order for example 1K views, we send anyway within 30 days guaranteed 2.5K views in total. 

Recently we thought, why not add even more favorable refill conditions for our clients? Therefore, we are pleased to present you our new YouTube service with 400% refill. This service can totally ensure that you get all your views with the maximum likelihood, even in case of a large drop due to some circumstances. 

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