Benefits of GEO targeted promotion on Spotify

Benefits of GEO targeted promotion on Spotify

May 19, 2021 — 2 mins read

Why it is profitable to advertise on Spotify: 

 Access to a wide target audience around the world. As of June 2020, the total number of service listeners was 286 million people. A paid subscription was purchased by 130 million people. The remaining 156 million use the service for free. This is the audience for advertising. 

Low ad bids. The cost of advertising depends on the targeting settings. The average per-click cost per ad in the United States is $ 0.015– $ 0.025. The minimum monthly budget is $ 250.  

Flexible targeting settings. You can target by location, gender, device, music preferences, and interests.

What’s new in GEO-targeting on Spotify

 Spotify Ads did offer some geo-targeting from the outset, but they’ve now added the ability to target by postal code in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, and also massively increased the number of cities, states, countries, etc available to target.

 Layers of geotargeting for maximum impact 

 Geotargeting is now widely available in digital marketing - on Facebook, Google, and Bing for search and display ads, on Instagram Ads, and now on Spotify Ads. It helps seasoned marketers with geographically defined audiences to align ad spend to more accessible online channels. 

 It is now possible to combine lengthy content and web experiences (as indicated by search ads) with the visual creativity of Facebook and Instagram, and now through Spotify, a whole new realm of audio capabilities is available that was previously only for radio.

What's next for geotargeting? 

 Location-based advertising isn't new, but geotargeting is now opening up previously unimaginable ad personalization opportunities. 

 Almost everyone has seen Google appear in notifications to offer assistance with daily commuting, although we never told Google where we work - we just noticed that we tend to do one thing and the same trip almost every day. This can be called artificial intelligence, which is used to identify patterns in our current behavior and predict our future behavior, which can be used to adapt ads that arrive at the right time and in the right place. 

 Anyway, offers you a wide range of services for lots of different countries. Deliver your music straight to your relevant listeners!