How To Stand Out At Twitch?

How To Stand Out At Twitch?

April 20, 2021 — 2 mins read

Twitch is a platform for online streaming in real time. 

The main advantage of the platform is the ability to interact live with streamers (content creators) in real time. People go to the platform to watch another person play a popular computer game and simultaneously chat with their viewers. Some streamers put on music in response to a small donation from the audience.

We analyzed popular streamers and made a list of tips, which will help you quickly рорgain your first subscribers.

1. Try to keep streams in the first half of the day. You will be at the top of your views even in the most popular categories.

2.  Start trying games that browse up to 10,000 spectators, and then gradually make your way into more popular categories.

3. Connect the relay to all popular services (YouTube, Goodgame, WASD, and others). The permanent audience is based on months, and so it will be easier for you to find viewers for your broadcasts.

4. Come up with a chip for your channel. One more dull streamer from millions of others like this is not interesting If you are artistic, you have an advantage!  Otherwise, you need to carefully work on your style. Put on a mustache, put on a Mexican hat, or make yourself a cool cosplay, do everything that can hook the visitors on your channel.   

5. Quality Channel Design is your face.  A good first impression can not be made twice. Look at the best channels from your category in English and make a design in a similar style. If you can not make the decoration of the channel yourself, then do not hesitate to order it from those who can make it stylish and efficient.

6. Enter the broadcasts regularly. 

 Viewers come to Twitch for a variety of reasons, and it will be easier for you to decide which direction to take your channel if you understand exactly what they're looking for. 

Also do not forget the fact that the audience is often interested in streamers with already high activity. If you do not have it already for a long time or you have just recently registered on Twitch, then you can always use our Twitch Followers and Twitch Channel Views services.