Google AdWords. What is it?

Google AdWords. What is it?

May 05, 2021 — 3 mins read

Google Ads is a specialized system for placing contextual advertising on the pages of the Google search engine and on partner sites of the Display Network. You can independently choose where to display your advertisements, see how they are effective and what budget to allocate for them.

 Search advertising in Google Ads 

Advertisements in the Google search engine can be placed Above, below, or to the side of search results. 

Top ranked ads appear above the search results at the top of the first page. It depends on your keyword quality score and cost per click. The higher the rating, the higher the position of your ad. Up to four ads are placed here.

How to create a Google AdWords advertising campaign? 

  • Create a Google account and start working with the Google Ads interface.
  • When creating a new campaign, the interface will offer to select one of the goals: 
  1. Sales 
  2. Potential customers 
  3. Website traffic 
  4. Interest in brand and products
  5. Brand awareness and reach 
  6. App advertising 


Create a campaign without specifying a goal.

The campaign settings specify the targeting geography - either a set of specific locations (regions, cities, countries), or a locality of a certain radius, as well as the language of the audience. 

The bidding strategy determines which parameter will be optimized, and what advertisers will be paid for: 

Conversions. Targeted transitions to the site. Clicks are paid. 


Clicks. Clicking on ads. 

Displays in the visible area of ​​the screen. It is fixed when the user watches at least 50% of the ad for 1 second. Pay per 1,000 impressions, that is, CPM.

Benefits of Google Ads:

  1. Ads help to serve advertisements to those users who are already looking for similar products or services in the Google search engine or browsing sites related to your area of ​​business. Also, ads can be shown on the sites of Google and its partners. 
  2. You choose where exactly to show ads: on any specific sites, in a specific country, city, or even users of certain areas, streets.  
  3. You are in control of the budget. Pay not for ad impressions, but for clicks, that is, payment occurs when a user clicks on your ad.
  4. Google Ads offers bidding options. There is no mandatory minimum spending level. 
  5. You can always find out how effective your ads are and use this information in the future. 
  6. You can analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign using reports and understand where new customers are coming from, who they are, etc.
  7. In the Google Ads interface, you will find tools that will improve your advertisements and thereby increase the flow of customers.


Search advertising Google Ads is one of the main and most powerful methods of advertising on the Internet, and the main advantage is that search advertising leads your business to buyers who are most willing to place an order. It is seen only by visitors who search for what the advertiser has to offer. Using search advertising allows you to get new customers on the very first day of launch, and the efficiency of this channel is one of the highest. 

This type of advertising is one of the most expensive, but the money spent is worth it. You get a large influx of potential customers to your site.

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