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How to Add Music to Instagram Story

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

For any content to be more compelling, it is sometimes important not only to show some good visuals but also to think about the mood aka the music. If you are still struggling with adding music to your stories, we got you covered! We’ll break down some of the ways how to add music to Instagram Story and make your case even more selling. 

Table of Contents

Instagram ended some headaches and made it possible for its users to add music directly from the app itself. All you need to do is the following: 

  1. Go to the app
  2. Find your profile and tap on it to call out the Story option. 
  3. Then at the top of your Story screen, you will see the widgets, and you need the stickers button 
  4. Click this button and you will see a drop-down of various stickers, the one you are looking for is the music sticker. 
  5. Once you’ve found it, pick a song available from the Instagram library
  6. You can also adjust what part of the song you want to be playing in your stories 
  7. Now you are all set and good to go with a fantastic story to tell

It is also possible to use other apps to share musical content with your audience. Spotify is one of the most popular apps for downloading and listening to music, although you would need to have a Premium subscription to share your playlists somewhere else. But if you are already on the Premium list, then here are the easy steps on how to add music to your Stories from Spotify: 

  1. Go the app
  2. Find and click on the song you want to use in your stories 
  3. Then look for 3 dots icon at the top right corner of the screen 
  4. Scroll down and find the option ‘Share’ and tap it
  5. Then just share the song directly on Instagram 

But remember, when adding music from Spotify, it will not play directly on Instagram, but Spotify will create a link to it and your followers would need to click it to open and listen to it from Spotify. 

Almost the same process goes for Apple Music. 

  1. Open the app 
  2. Find the 3 dots icon at the top right corner of the screen 
  3. Find and click the ‘Share’ option and find Instagram from the list of apps available 

Apple Music will also create a link to the track so that your followers would be able to click on it and listen to it in the app. 

Shazam is an amazing tool for discovering the songs you liked and then maybe also sharing them with someone, say on Instagram Stories. So if you want to share your musical discoveries, you can do it this way: 

  1. Tap the 3 dots icon in the top right corner
  2. Find the option ‘Share’ and ‘Instagram Stories’ and you are good to share 

Instagram will import the song to the Story and links to the app for your followers to discover more of the same music content. 

So here we tried to sum up the most efficient and easiest ways for you to enhance your content with good tracks and a good mood. Just keep in mind that your content and engagement depend solely on you, but you have all the tools and apps in the world to create killer content and share your thoughts and ideas. 

Why can’t I still add music to my Stories? 

In that case, we recommend checking if your app is updated to have this feature or if your country supports this new feature, or you can also try to share some branded content, which Instagram has a rigorous set of rules.

Can Instagram remove Stories with music?

Only in cases when you infringe copyright and Instagram policies. But if you are still worried about the performance of your stories, we provide services that allow our users to buy Instagram story likes and increase their engagement further. 

How long can the music be? 

Usually, it adjusts to the length of your stories.  

Why do I see only a limited amount of tracks in my Instagram app?

That might be because of the copyright of your country or you can be on a professional account, which is restricted by Instagram to have access to a longer list of songs.

Stay tuned!

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