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Learn how to promote the most innovative Social / SMM panel
Views.Biz offers you to become our partner and profit. Every user gets unique referral link to share. Engage new users with the link and get 10% of their spendings forever. A lot of users have already benefited from our referral program and created sustainable passive income source.
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Promote SMM services

You can get 10 % from every client’s payment. There is a wide target audience you can engage via your referral link to. Try it and feel the financial freedom.

No doubt, every internet user would like to have additional income.

Rewards - 10%

Wide target audience

High conversion rate

Promote SMM services

Promote SMM services via order widget

You can use our order widget and set extra margin to be applied to all orders. You can change the margin value at any time, depending on your preferences, clients, and market situation. To use the widget you need to install the code from your personal account.

Use our order widget

Set up your own prices

Regulate margin

Promote SMM services

Promote SMM panels

Use our partner plarform SocPanels to create your own social panel. Connect as a service provider and profit from reselling our services. Just a few clicks to become our business partner. Let’s make money together!

All-in-one solution

Avg. 1st month profit is $150

No coding needed

Promote SMM panels

How to start earning on VIEWS.BIZ?

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Partnership program
Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly before registering.
Passive income
Earn 10% from each of the attracted clients’ spendings. Forever.
Your link
Get the unique link to engage clients.
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We are a fast-growing company, specialized on SMM marketing. We have done lots of successful projects in SMM business and decided to share our expertise. Our main aim is to give everyone an opportunity to use our product, grow their businesses and get income.
High conversion
The average payment conversion rate is 4%.
Help to the partners
We provide guidance to our partners and help them maximize their profits.
Regular Payments
Bi-weekly payments without holding period or upon request. Minimum payment is $50.
Advertising materials
We make new AD tools / promo materials regularly or can provide you with exclusive ones per request.
Passive income *
You will be receiving 10 % reward from the amount earned by clients you engage. Forever. The more clients you attract, the bigger is your passive income.
Detailed statistics
You can check how many clients you got and how much you received.
We are online 24/7. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in live chat.
* We are ready to discuss individual conditions with SMM panels, entrepreneurs and market majors.


Attracted clients
per month
$ 45
Referral partner’s reward 1st
$ 2952.57
Referral partner’s reward 1st
* These numbers are average among all our partners, based on our anonymous research. We do NOT guarantee the same income for everyone.
Unit Economics
Average check (AC)
$ 28.13
Average client's 1st year spendings
$ 153.78
Average client's 1st month spendings
$ 57.30
Referral program reward
10 %


Conversion into payment
Average referral partner`s income per month
TOP 5 Average referral partner’s income per YEAR

Where to GET clients?

Blogs & media
Write an article about our services
  • Write review articles about us and post it.
  • In case you do not have your own blog, but write articles well enough — place them in free media.
Create article once and get constant income from the affiliate program
Contextual ad
Use ad campaigns
  • Create and customize advertising campaigns using your referral link.
  • Display advertising also works great, use ready-made marketing materials in your advertising campaigns and attract customers.
A well-tuned advertising campaign will generate constant income
Messenger / e-mail traffic
Write an article about our services
  • Whether you are a Telegram channel owner or an SMM community member or possess an opt-in email database, you can use it to promote our services.
  • Make email campaigns on your own databases.
Generate even more income from your audience!
Social & affiliate networks
Promote on social and affiliate networks
  • Lead your customers and partners to referral program.
  • If you have your own partner resource - promote referral program in it.
Your clients will benefit and you will receive additional income
Personal communications
Share among your friends if they are interested in SMM business
  • Do text and video reviews, post on social networks.
  • Recommend the service to your friends using a referral link.
  • Write reviews and your opinion about the referral program on popular websites.
Feedbacks on the popular websites can give you the perfect result and decent income
Some promotional methods are prohibited by our referral program rules.
See more details in
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  • - + What is is a technology service to promote your videos on YouTube. Responsibility is the main value for team. We are very responsible for the services' quality we provide, meanwhile, we maintain long-term partnership with clients. It is our priority to provide clients with the best services for a video promotion on YouTube.

  • - + How long does it take to create a campaign on

    It will take 3 minutes to start your first campaign. It will save time to create an order from widget. You do not need to go through a long registration.

  • - + Can you guarantee I’ll get views?

    Before making an order, please read description of the services. It is written there if a service is guaranteed or not. If services are provided with guarantee, but something goes wrong, we will give money back which is left in your account.

  • - + Are the views real or are they from bots?

    You can be sure that all views are from real people! We never use bots, click farms, neither pay people to watch videos. All growth is real. There is no risk to your channel. All views can be verified via YouTube Creator Studio analytics.

  • - + Will my views, subscribers, likes, and comments disappear after the campaign?

    All views, subscribers, likes, and comments will remain after your campaign.

  • - + Is there any risk to my channel by using

    There is no risk for your channel if you use All promotions and views originate from the YouTube ads platform and align with the terms and services of YouTube. We have successfully promoted thousands of channels.

  • - + Is there a money back guarantee?

    Company reserve the right to refund the remained balance on the account on next terms: Advertiser has six (6) months from the last payment date to ask for a refund of the balance remaining on the account; refund will only be issued for a balance greater than $50; Company may make refund in ninety (90) days; Advertiser will reimburse all processing fees, there is a 10% fee for a refund and the minimal amount of fee is $25; Company may refund payment after deduction used amount according with rates; Advertisers canceled / terminated by Company for violating UAGP Terms are not entitled to a refund.

  • - + What channels are you working with?

    We work with different channels (musicians, gamers, products promotion, bloggers, policy, social videos, education etc). We are able to promote any type of channel.

  • - + Who needs promotion services in social networks?

    Anyone who wants to raise popularity or the popularity of the product: artists, bloggers, musicians, record labels, businesses. You can trust us with the promotion of your product. We will successfully do it!

  • - + Can you guarantee that the quantity of subscribers, likes and comments will increase on my channel?

    Before making an order, please read description of the services. It is written there if a service is guaranteed or not. People will see your content. If they like it, they will leave comments, likes and they will subscribe to your channel. However, you may also get negative feedback and dislikes. We professionally select the target audience for you. With our analytics it will be easy to optimize your campaign in order to receive only positive reviews from the audience in the future.

  • - + What is the price?

    You can find prices using widget on our website.

  • - + What payment methods do you have?

    Perfect Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, Capitalist, Robokassa, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Credit Cards.