Referral Program

Referral program

Learn how to promote most innovative Social / SMM panel

Promotion for them — money for you

Become partner and invite friends through our referral program.


Your ways of earning money with

Promote via order widget

Do you have your own website? In this case, we have a unique offer for you - attract referrals via order widget. By selling our services in this way, you will be able to set extra margin to be applied to all orders and change the margin value at any time, depending on your preferences, clients, and market situation.

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How to start earning on VIEWS.BIZ?

First of all, you should have account on
Choose the most suitable method of attracting new customers: get a referral link or place an order widget on your site.
Track your success
Earn up to 20% from each of the attracted clients’ spendings and monitor statistics in your personal account

Your benefits

Free to join & unlimited number of invited referrals
Real payments to the card or account balance
Transparent payment system & detailed statistics
Consultations from our specialists & offer of the most effective ways of promotion
For website owners — an opportunity to increase the customer base

Reward calculator

Attracted clients
per 1 month
$ 45
Referral partner’s reward 1st
$ 2952.57
Referral partner’s reward 1st
* These are average and approximate numbers. We do NOT guarantee the same income. We made an anonymous research and got those numbers.

reward from the expenses of each referral

Get my reward!

Where to GET clients?

Blogs & media
Write an article about us. It doesn’t have to be big, it can even be a simple post or review on Instagram or any other social network. If you don’t want to share it in your private accounts, you can post it in free media.
Personal communications
Another easy way to find referrals is communication. Surely among your friends or relatives there will be those who are interested in SMM promotion, so just recommend the service to your friends using a referral link.
Messenger / e-mail traffic
Whether you are a Telegram channel owner or an SMM community member or possess an opt-in email database, you can use it to promote our services. Also you can make email campaigns on your own databases.
Contextual ad
Create and customize advertising campaigns using your referral link.
Display advertising also works great, use ready-made marketing materials in your advertising campaigns and attract customers.
Frequently asked questions
Can’t find an answer? CONTACT US
Can’t find an answer? CONTACT US