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ᐉ Twitch VS YouTube Live Stream

ᐉ Twitch VS YouTube Live Stream

The Differences Between Twitch and YouTube Live Streaming

What do you know about streams?

How often do you watch them or maybe are you a steamer? It Doesn’t matter. Today we compare Twitch and YouTube livestreams.

What is the difference? 

Twitch is the best platform for gaming. So, yes, a Twitch channel  is quite suitable for streaming. But what about YouTube Livestream? It is a simple online livestream where you can show anything you want: you can talk about your daily life, hobbies, do pranks,  conduct seminars etc. 

At the moment,  YouTube is a real competitor for Twitch

Major competitions are sometimes broadcasted on YouTube but not as the only platform but as an alternative service for the convenience of viewers.


But on Twitch in similar situations the viewing statistics exceed YouTube by 3-4 times, although the video hosting is more convenient. You can pause the stream and continue watching it in a minute from the same place or rewind it for an hour at any time.


The advantage of Twitch over YouTube is that it's very easy to use: once you go to the site, it's easy to find the stream you're looking for. Knowing where the game is streaming allows you to get to the stream via an unchanging link, what  also saves you time.

Why Streamers Aren't Switching to YouTube Gaming

Twitch is associated with live streaming, while YouTube is associated with simple videos. This is the determining factor in viewers’ selection.

Streamers may not start using YouTube Gaming instead of Twitch for two reasons.

The first reason is monetization

Streamers on Twitch make money primarily through paid subscriptions from viewers, sponsors and donations. YouTube forces all writers to contract with advertisers-and the money goes to them from advertising.

The second problem is the difficulty with rights

YouTube is very tough on copyright violation on the service. There is Content ID technology, which automatically checks videos for prohibited content, including audio.

 There will likely be a division: Twitch will primarily be a site for professional players and viewers, and YouTube will be for the less advanced ones. Moreover YouTube will likely become a giant not just in the game streaming market - but in the streaming market in general.

It does not mater which platform you prefer, here on will always be suitable services for promotion both on YouTube and on Twitch.

Stay tuned!

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