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16 Ways to Rank a Video Higher on YouTube

16 Ways to Rank a Video Higher on YouTube

This article is about the most effective ways of YouTube promotion. You never know which way will be the most suitable for you. These methods were gathered based on the research and statistics.

16 Steps to success

YouTube is one of the largest most-visited sites on the Internet. There are about 30 million daily users. In this article you will be able to find out the best ways how to promote a YouTube channel.

YouTube channel keywords are used to find your channel on Google, YouTube, etc. Keywords, which are used in the channel description, help users to understand  what your channel is about. If you use the right keywords, it is possible to be ranked higher.

Tips to find the right keyword:

Use the Google Ads Keyword Planner and try to find possible keywords.

Start a search for one of your options.

Check the Search Engine Results Page for each keyword.

Check if there is the top - ranking results video or written content. Try to add words like "How to" or "Tutorial" in case some issues are finding a video.

Select a keyword that levels up a video at the rank and suits your content.

As soon as you manage to find the right keywords, you need to name your video correctly. And make the title very attractive and interesting. The title is one of the most important parts of YouTube SEO.

How to create the right title? 

►Make it short and interesting.

►It is better not to include more than 60 characters.

►Include keywords in the title. 

►Place keywords at the beginning of the sentence. 

►The headline must be useful for a user.

A thumbnail is a clickable, visual icon that represents the content of the video. They are used on every YouTube video. It is  a major factor in a video’s click-through-rate andWhile writing a description, do not forget that the first 3 lines are the most important. They appear in the search engine results. You need to make these lines the most interesting as you need to catch people’s attention. You may use to discover the most appropriate keywords for YouTube videos.

When the audience is engaged, it sees, likes, comments, and subscribes to your channel. This is a notice for YouTube that people really liked your content, and it is a signal to start showing more of your videos.

For getting a higher rank, a video should have: 

More likes 

More comments 

To keep the audience engaged, you need:

To respond to the viewer’s comments,  even to the negative ones and mark with “hearts” your favorites.

To post a response video. You need to use analytics to identify top fans and show them your affection.

To ask a question during the video. And by asking people to subscribe and give a video a thumb up.

Interesting content. In case a user likes it, he/she will keep watching it and recommending it to friends.

Different competitions. If viewers like it, with a single video you can collect viewer data, encourage likes or comments, and obtain subscribers.

Poor video quality can spoil even the best content. People watch high-quality videos more often and longer. That's why YouTube video is ranked higher.

Playlists may help to increase the watch time of your channel as they play automatically. The user will be watching a video not just once, instead, he will be viewing it several times.

YouTube tags help to understand the video content and that YouTube appears in the related video section. In case you use as many tags as possible, video might be over spammed. You can choose 5-8 appropriate tags. You can use tags with 2-3 words.

Brands can help you to come up with new ideas for your content. There is still an important rule for a successful partnership: be authentic. The best way is to identify brands that will show your personality  and the needs of your audience.

If users find the content useful, they will stay with you and will keep watching videos. YouTube’s ranking system prioritizes the viewer’s experience. The real value of the video will be rewarded with the real audience’s engagement.

YouTube is all about finding your niche and building the following inside it. You can subscribe to channels that have the same target audience as you. If you watch, like, share their content, give them thoughtful comments, or mention them in your video, there is a сhance they will become your audience too.

The best CTAs are clear and immediate. It is better to include an attractive CTA  in your video depending on what you want to like, to comment or to share. It is possible to add a call-to-action extension for in-stream ads.

How to do it for free:

Mention in the video what you want viewers to do.

Write in the description what you want viewers to do: to comment, share, or like your video.

Add customizable screenshots in the video. This will urge the audience to make an action

It is the average percentage of time that  people watch your video. Everything depends on the time a user spends on the video on average. The more time he/she watches it, the higher retention will be.

Watch times are  the key factor in video ranking. It is time that a user spends on watching a YouTube video. YouTube usually promotes videos that are useful and keep people’s attention. 

Your task is to create very interesting content and keep people’s attention as long as possible. The first seconds are crucial. That time a user decides  whether to watch the video further or not.

To analyze the customer’s behavior, please, use Google Analytics, where you will be able to find out at what time people stop watching your video.

Subtitled videos enhance the view time by more than 12% and these videos are watched till the end in 91% of cases. 

Videos without subtitles only in 66% of cases are watched to completion. In case subtitles are included, 80% more people watch the video till the end.

 What captions do?

They  increase engagement and engagement ratio.

When captions are used, it is easier to understand the content. From 10 YouTube viewers, 7 choose a video with captions.  It helps viewers absorb video content better.

Earnings become higher too. Adding captions can lead to a 7.32% increase in views on average. This can increase earnings by $891 approximately.

Subtitles make a great deal. They let international  and people who do not speak English enjoy your videos. Search engines will index translated caption files and include video in search results in those languages. It will be high enough for SEO, there is a better chance of ranking higher for non-English keywords regarding the lower competition.

Always check translations for better accuracy.

Who is the service aimed at?’s services are aimed at vloggers, musicians, politics, gamers, and anyone who wants to promote himself/herself or to promote his/her product.

Why choose us?

We have helped different users to get a higher rank on YouTube. When people use our services, they instantly get the exact amount of views, likes, subscribers, comments. Please, pay attention that these are one of the reasons why a YouTube video is ranked higher. Many services are provided with a guarantee.

⭐People trust us, they use our services and stay satisfied.

⭐If you have any issues, our support will be able to help you within 30 min.

⭐Good quality of services is supported by affordable prices which start from USD 1.8.

⭐There are special youtube promotion packages assembled for you. They contain views, likes, subscribers, comments. Every package includes views, likes, subscribers, comments. Every package contains a special coupon which gives a 3-10% discount.

⭐You can easily connect our services using API.

⭐Apply geo-targeting and you will receive services based on the certain geographical location.

Below you can see an instruction where you will be able to find out how about the ordering process of

1.Sign up (if  you are a new user) or sign in (if you already have your personal account).

2. In your personal account choose the “Create order” option.

3. Choose the service. There is a wide range of views. They have different costs, retention rates, GEO-targeting.

Besides simple views, there is also an opportunity to choose YouTube Live Views. Also, you can order 1000 live views for USD 10. Live streaming has advantages. You can communicate with your audience in real-time. Above all, your subscribers will be notified as soon as you start streaming.

4. Pay attention to the service’s description. Read it very carefully.

Please note

monetization must be turned off for the time service is being provided, otherwise, it would be hard to provide a highly qualified service;

do not buy services from the other providers.

5. To proceed with the service, please replenish your account

There are several payment methods:

Perfect money






Apple Pay

Credit Cards

6. Tips:

In case you want to buy the other services too, you create several orders

In case you want to buy a special package, choose it.

►To shorten the way, you can make all the orders via the order widget.

7. Please, check the final result in a day.

8. In case there are any issues, please write to support.

Please note: To use services properly, please, read descriptions very carefully and pay attention to the fact that it is better not to use monetization and not to buy services from the other providers at the same time

We hope that you will enjoy the services, come back to us and bring your friends!

There are different ways to promote your YouTube channel. The most effective ways are mentioned above. All methods were found based on the research.

Do not hesitate to make a breakthrough on your channel! Register, choose a service, and make an order. You can buy youtube views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, etc. Check our widget and make a decision

If you have any questions, please write to the Live chat support, in Telegram (@Views_BIZ) or Skype (views.BIZ), we will help you!

Stay tuned!

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