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41 Channel Ideas to Find Your Niche on YouTube

41 Channel Ideas to Find Your Niche on YouTube

Best ideas for finding a niche on YouTube

In this article, the ideas for the YouTube channel are presented. Sometimes it is hard for beginners to find out the best option. And to do research is a very time-consuming process. Here you will be able to find ready ideas.

1. Unboxing

Unboxing channels has become a trend this year. More and more people start watching them. People find it interesting to see a person unpacking the product and let anyone know what is inside. Even though there are a bunch of people who do the same thing, if you are an interesting speaker, discuss features, and have some video skills, you will obtain success within some time. It is quite not necessary to stick to equipment, smartphones, etc. You can unbox toys, food packs, boots, home stuff.

2. Tech & Gadget Reviews

Every time you buy technology, you most likely watch a review about it and look through some articles. Reviewing tech and gadget products is one more popular niche. If you can explain complicated things in simple words and put your views, you should keep in mind an idea about channel review.

3. Lifehacks

It is possible to watch these videos for hours without getting bored. Moreover, you can find out something which will help you in life. One of the advantages of these videos is that they are not too long. It is possible to create a video for an enormous number of life hacks. But they will be too long and it will be hard to remember. It will be better to split a video into some part with up to 10 life hacks under 3-4 min. There are fewer discussions and more demonstrations. You can talk about anything you want, just be useful.

4. Fail Compilations

When people feel low, they prefer watching failed compilations videos. They make people smile. Even though they feel sorry, but at the same time, it is funny to see how stupid humans can be. Sometimes people watch hundreds of such kinds of videos to make their mood better. And they also share it with friends. To start this kind of channel is an easy job as you just make funny fail videos from social media and add interesting music.

5. Health & Fitness Tips

Where do you go in the first place to get some health tips or workout plans? Of course, it is Google or YouTube. When you need any advice on workouts and need to see the way they are performed, it is better to see someone performing than just looking through instructions. Health channels are in high demand. If you create a channel on that topic, it will be easy to gather the audience. In case you do not want to perform yourself on the video, you can make an animated person who fulfills the exercises.

6. World and local news

To start a news channel where daily local and world news are covered is a good chance to gather an audience. It will take time to become a reliable source of information. You need to select a specific niche and audience for fast growth.

7. Celeb Gossip

People are more interested in someone’s life, especially when it comes to celebrities. They always want to know what their favorite celebrities are doing, wearing, where they are traveling. It gives them food for thought and a reason to discuss something with friends.

8. Food & Restaurant Reviews

People spend hours watching reviews about food and restaurants. They want to make the best choice while visiting some restaurants. Such kinds of videos make people well-informed about restaurants, new launches, and which place to visit next time.

9. Cooking videos

This idea will be the best if you really love cooking and always make new recipes. If you have clear, short, and useful instructions, it will not be hard to gain a new audience. 

10. Kitchen Hacks

If you choose this idea, you can recommend some gadgets or tools which make all the processes in the kitchen easier. Also, it might be some good cleaning hacks which will help to keep the kitchen clean and neat.

11. "How to" videos

To become a master in this sphere, you need to do big research. Covering different how-to guides let you show expertise and expand in any niche. There is no certain audience. You can create videos for children on “How to draw a cat”, for adults on “How to repair a washing machine” or for old people on “How to cook a pie”. There will always be a place for growth.

12. Pranks & Spoof

If you are full of ideas, you can create funny pranks. It will be a great opportunity to make people smile. But you should plan your videos very carefully. They should be harmless and be free of violence and possible legal issues.

13. Makeup & Beauty

If you're fond of beauty, start a channel which talks about makeup tips, give beauty product reviews, makeup hacks.

14. Comic and Superhero

If you are interested in comics, it will not be a problem to make a research about new comics, superhero movies, loopholes, and share your thoughts with the world. You can share movie reviews and create a community of like-minded subscribers.

15. Travel Vlogging

People love traveling. Many people just dream about traveling and earning money. If you are the one who travels around the world, notes or record experience, creates beautiful memories and earn at the same time, it is the best option for you. Moreover, you can earn from any place in the world. You will need some investments too. First, you will need good video skills to outperform yourself. Also, some cameras, travel gear, accommodation to stay. You will be able to reimburse everything since you gain an audience.

16. Dash & Security Cams

Video by a dash cam can give you a range of exciting videos that are worth sharing with the world. Robberies, car accidents will attract people. You can also compile videos from different resources and upload them to your channel.

17. Comedy

Create story videos, mimic someone, perform like a stand-up comedian. If you create good content, people will watch, share, and subscribe to you. You should learn to get inspiration from day-to-day life and try to make good videos.

18. Fashion & Style Tips

In case you are into fashion, you can start a fashion and style channel. There is no need to be an expert to share your views and suggestions.

19. Hair Care & Hairstyle Ideas

You can introduce hairstyle ideas for short hair, how to stop hair fall, etc. You may create personal stories in every video.

20. Horror Videos

Some people believe in the mystical part of the world. They adore watching videos with paranormal activities and they are more interested in watching videos till the end. In your videos, you can discuss haunted places or, again, compile different videos.

21. Parody

This is a very famous type of channel. Many popular entertainment channels have started creating parodies of popular movie scenes, trailers, etc. funnily.

22. Trailer and Movie Reactions

People find it interesting to see the other people’s reactions to videos and laugh over it. You need to grab a camera, start a video, record your exact expressions while watching it, put some additional funny comments, and publish it.

Attention: you can attract haters.

23. DIY Crafts

If you love to create things for yourself, you can demonstrate your skills to others. Your audience will be like-minded people who themselves do and enjoy such things, you will get support and encouragement.

24. Drawing & Sketching Tutorials

In case you love drawing and sketching, you can share your experience with others too. Drawing a flower is still a rocket science for many people. A step-by-step guide will help people to master this skill. By that, you may not only earn money but also become a well-known influential.

25. Music Instrument Tutorials

If you can play any musical instrument and tell about the sophisticated techniques in a simple language, you will become popular before you know it.

26. Dance Tutorials

In case you have a passion for dance and want to become a “guru”, you can start a YouTube channel teaching dance steps or just showing your dance skills.

27. Pets & Animals

Everyone likes pets and finds them cute and will happily watch videos for hours. If you are a proud pet owner, you can start recording your pets doing cute things and upload them on the Internet. You may also create videos on how to educate animals, feed, etc.

28. Time Lapse

This kind of video refers to a sequence of frames over a period of time to show changes that happen within some time. You need to operate well with the camera. You can record sunset, house renovation, etc and upload on YouTube

29. Behind The Screen Videos

It is very interesting to see not only what happens on the screen, but also what happens behind the screen: how people create videos, funny stories, what they do, how they communicate with each other. Another crazy niche with a huge audience base. Everyone knows what goes on the screen, but the story behind the scene is completely different and interesting.

30. Education Channel

You can start an education channel to deliver knowledge and gain money at the same time. You can start delivering your knowledge and make money at the same time.

31. Car and Bike News + Reviews

People become very impressed when they see a car which they dreamt of buying for years. They do extensive research before purchasing it. By making a review, you show them all advantages and disadvantages and help to decide on the purchase.

32. Gaming Videos

In case you are a good gamer and not afraid to share your experience with others, start a gaming YouTube channel will be a good idea.

33. Interview and Ask Me Anything Videos

Many people want to ask some personal questions to their favorite celebrities or influential people. It can be related to business, fun, strategies, which can clear our doubts. It would be nice if there was a YouTube channel where the interviews with celebrities could be posted.

34. Yoga

Yoga has become very popular nowadays. You can share not only some exercises which you do in yoga but also theoretical knowledge.

35. Helpful Software and Apps

The Internet is overfilled now with different useful and useless apps. It is very time-consuming to explore everything yourself. Any viewer will appreciate it if you make a short review. If you love technology but not a hardcore technical person, the niche would be a perfect fit for you. The best way to perform is that if you research on the Internet, find great apps and just create a video about them. The topic might be any: health & fitness, business, etc.

36. Daily Vlogging

When your life is full of interesting events, you can make a YouTube video about it. Starting a daily blog will help you to achieve the stardom you have been craving for a long. You can create your restaurant trip, travel journey, trip to the mountains, lakes, etc.

37. Motivational & Inspirational Videos

When people feel low or they come across lots of fails on their way to success, they need the motivation to spark that fire inside them again and keep reaching their goals again. If you were at the place of those people and know how it feels, but know you have lots of successful stories, you can share everything with the other people and let them move forward.

38. Gardening Tips & Tricks

Gardening is a niche with thousands of audiences to target. Some people are not very experienced in gardening, so they go to YouTube to find a video on how to cultivate this or that service.

39. Lifestyle Advice

People love searching for advice on YouTube. If you are an expert in some sphere (marketing, business, finance, neuropsychology, etc.) people will love it and they will keep watching your videos and sharing with friends.

40. Magic Tricks

If you can do magic tricks, the audience will be amazed. You may learn tricks from books, the internet, and implement them to your channel.

41. Book Reviews

If you are reading books, you may share your personal experience with the audience. Lots of people prefer reviewing books first and start reading them after.

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There are different ways to promote a YouTube niche. You have just looked through best practices. Hope that you will be able to find the best idea for you. will help you to promote your great ideas. Register (, choose a service, and make an order. You can buy youtube views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, etc. Check our widget and make a decision

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