How To Find Your Niche On YouTube?

How To Find Your Niche On YouTube?

June 22, 2022 — 3 mins read
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YouTube offers a lot of content not only for users but also for creators. There is a wide range of topics to cover, and those who decide to post content on the platform think about what sphere they should focus on. 

In this case, we’re talking about “niche”. Basically, niche is the topic that you’re focusing on, and what is the main idea of the videos on your channel. It can be sports, politics, DIY and crafting, educational videos and so on. 

Users who just started posting video content on the platform often think about the necessary niche and how to find the most relevant one for them. In this article we will share four tips on how to find the best niche for you. 

The first thing is to think about what you like doing the most and pick it as a niche. When you’re starting a YouTube channel, you should catch the attention of your potential followers. You can actually do that by posting content about what you’re passionate about. People will see that and will trust you. For them, it will become more clear that a person who likes their job can provide more useful and unique information than those who, for example,  post content only for monetization. 

Once you’ve come up with a topic that you’d like to focus on in your videos, proceed and pick the narrower topic.  It is an important step as it will determine your future audience, and it will so to say guide your profile in the world of your competitors’ content. Very often, beginners choose broader topics that are more abstract. Users will see the most relevant videos that reach a specific number of likes, views and so on. Narrower topics will definitely help new users to gain popularity within this narrow niche. People like things that are coherent and clear, so with narrower topics you’ll be popular within your niche and your profile can even be associated with that topic which is beneficial. 

Another point to consider is whether you can post a lot of content on that topic that you've picked. It is essential to understand how many videos you could make. If the niche that you want to pick offers a lot of different topics that you can cover or get inspired from, choose it and start making content. However, if with that topic you can only post around 10-15 videos, think about choosing another niche. Unfortunately, it is very likely that you’d find it difficult to come up with new topics. Also, very often you'd need to come up with a content plan for several weeks or months, so make sure that you can post more than 8-10 videos. 

Once you’ve found your niche, start creating. You’ll see that you’ll get inspired and you will truly like what you do especially, if you follow our advice you get that popularity of your account as you  wanted. 

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