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Why don't your videos make it to the top?

Why don't your videos make it to the top?

Why you're not getting views on your videos

Do you shoot videos every day but don't get any feedback? Are you active on social media, but can't achieve the desired result? Do you have YouTube and Tik-Tok accounts, but don't know what to do with them? Let's figure it out!

 Today it is very difficult to promote yourself because the algorithms of social networks do not work in your favor. Let's take a closer look at this problem.

 YouTube algorithms use metrics such as watch time (according to YouTube, this is the time users collectively spend watching your video), relevance, viewer history, engagement, and more. There are many ways to influence these metrics and hence the likelihood of appearing in the featured videos column. We will cover four main ones in this article. 

How to get more views on your videos

1. Create engaging content 

 This is a great opportunity to get featured because youtube algorithms are optimized for youtube promotion that keep people on the platform for an extended period.

2. Encourage Interaction 

The second way to get featured in featured videos is to encourage social reactions. Youtube algorithms  give weight to a video with a lot of likes, dislikes and comments. To solve this problem, order all the promotion tools on

3.Optimize your metadata 

 Descriptions, tags, and closed captions are important aspects of metadata. Many, if not all, seo principles apply to the featured video selection algorithm as well.

4. Start YouTube browsing sessions 

 The last key factor, and perhaps the least explored, is how often a video or channel starts a YouTube user session. 

Video hosting monitors these videos and channels, and the more videos you have that drive people to come to YouTube, the more likely they are to be recommended.

  Tik-Tok gives each user the freedom to express themselves through short videos. But as of 2019, more than 900 million bloggers from 150 countries are actively using this opportunity. It is easy for a beginner, even talented, but not popular and without subscribers, to get lost among a lot of content. The only way to show your creativity to more than the first 100-200 viewers is to get featured through the service, which will help you become popular.

Why your TikTok videos aren't getting recommended

 How to get into the recommendations of TikTok It is not known by what algorithm the videos get into the recommended ones?

  The company does not reveal this secret and bloggers can only guess. Collective experience says that three groups of factors affect the inclusion of a new video in recommendations: 

  • The quality of the blogger's account design; 
  • Shooting videos on popular topics
  • Production of quality content. The influence of the first reaction of viewers to the newly published video is visible. 

 The more audience engagement, the more likely the video will be featured in recommendations. The tik-tok social network algorithm promotes content that is actively gaining views and likes. 

 One video can hit rivers several times. For example, 2 months ago you uploaded a video and it immediately got into the "Recommended" section. A week later, it completely "unscrewed" and disappeared from the recommendations. 

 But after 3 weeks, new subscribers began to actively respond to the old video: comment, like. The algorithm understands that the audience likes this video and it gives it a “second life” and sends it back to the top.

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If you want to become popular or promote your business on Tik tok ,  helps you! 

You can choose any promotional tools that you need!

Follow the link and make your life easier in two clicks.

Stay tuned!

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