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How to Get Verified on YouTube

How to Get Verified on YouTube

In the world of digital content, having a verification badge on YouTube not only adds a level of authenticity to a channel but also instills trust among viewers. The small checkmark beside the channel name signifies that YouTube recognizes the channel as genuine and of notable presence, but how does one achieve this badge of legitimacy? Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get verified on YouTube.

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Before diving into the process, it's essential to understand what verification means and does for creators and businesses on YouTube. A verified badge does not imply endorsement by YouTube. Instead, it indicates that the channel belongs to an established creator, business, or brand, and it's authentic.

There are some requirements to meet for your channel to become a verified one. Firstly, you would need to have at least 100,000 subscribers. Secondly, the channel must indeed be a real creator, brand, or business it claims to be. Also try to have everything set up, meaning having a channel icon, a description, and active public videos. If you are eligible, you can proceed with the verification process. Go to the YouTube verification page, where you'll see an option to apply. Fill in the necessary details that might include your channel details and a reason for verification. Make your case convincingly to increase your chances of getting verified. After filling in all the details, submit the form, and you are done! 

Once you've submitted your verification application, YouTube will review your channel. This process might take a few weeks. They will check if your channel meets the platform's policies and terms of service. If everything aligns, your channel will be granted the coveted verification badge.

After earning the verification badge, remember that it doesn't equate to an endorsement from YouTube. Avoid altering your channel's name after verification; doing so will remove the badge, and you'll need to reapply. We would also recommend to continue adhering to YouTube's policies and terms of service. Violations can result in the loss of the badge.

While the primary advantage is authenticity and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience, verification also offers other benefits, like higher credibility, for example. New viewers are more likely to trust and subscribe to verified channels. The badge ensures viewers can distinguish your genuine channel from impersonators. Moreover, verified channels might receive a slight edge in YouTube's recommendation algorithm due to their perceived authority.

Getting verified on YouTube is a milestone for many creators and brands. While it serves as a mark of authenticity and establishes trust, the real key to success on YouTube remains consistent, high-quality content. A verification badge is a tool—albeit a powerful one—in the broader toolkit of a successful YouTuber. Aim for verification, but remember that content is king.

How long should I wait before my account gets verified?

After applying for YouTube verification, the review process can vary in length, but most channels hear back within a few weeks. However, it's essential to note that during high-volume periods or other unforeseen circumstances, it might take longer.

Does the number of views affect receiving a verification badge?

No, the number of views on your videos is not a direct criterion for receiving a verification badge. The primary eligibility requirement for verification is having at least 100,000 subscribers. However, having a high number of views can indirectly contribute to gaining more subscribers, and a consistent viewership might indicate to YouTube that your channel is active and relevant.

What features are available after my account gets verified?

The verification badge primarily serves as a mark of authenticity for your channel. The badge itself doesn't grant additional features or tools within YouTube. However, channels with a high subscriber count (which is often the case for verified channels) do have access to specific features like the Community tab, channel memberships, and more. It's also worth noting that the badge can boost the channel's credibility, making viewers more likely to trust and engage with its content.

Do I need to get verified to start monetizing my videos?

No, verification and monetization are separate entities on YouTube. To start monetizing your videos, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The requirements for YPP are different from verification and include: having at least 1,000 subscribers, having more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months, living in a country or region where the YPP is available, and adhering to all the platform's monetization policies. Verification is not a prerequisite for joining the YPP or monetizing videos.

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