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How to unblock someone on Facebook?

How to unblock someone on Facebook?

Table of contents

We are all humans and sometimes we can get emotional and accidentally (or very much deliberately) block someone on Facebook. If you did end up blocking some of your acquaintances but now want to make some amends, here are some tips for you on how to unblock someone on a Facebook account.

When you block someone on Facebook, they will not see anything that happens in your account or be able to interact with you in any way, like they cannot invite you to their events groups or simply message you. Also, when blocking, you automatically unfriend this account, and when (or if) you decide to unblock a Facebook account, you will have to send a friend request again if you want (talk about the awkwardness, right?). So now, without further due, let’s see how you can manage your block lists and revive friendships on Facebook (or not). 

To unblock someone from the web or desktop app all you need to do is click your profile picture and from the list of options choose ‘Settings and privacy and then click ‘Settings’. 

Find the right column, click ‘Privacy’, then click ‘Blocking’. 

Then you will see all the users that are blocked in your profile, and in this ‘Block users’ section find ‘Edit and click it, and then ‘See your blocked list’ and also click it. 

Then when you see an account that you want to unblock, you click ‘Unblock’ next to it and ‘Confirm’ to finish up with the profile. 

The steps of unblocking accounts from mobile (both from browsers and applications) are fairly similar to those you take when using the platform on the web. You go to Facebook and on the main page, you find a menu icon and tap it. 

Then scroll down to ‘Settings’ options and tap it. There you will also see ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Blocking’ options. From the list of accounts, search for the one you want to unblock, tap the ‘Unblock’ button, and tap it again to confirm your choice. 

When going through this process from a mobile app, you again tap the menu icon, find the ‘Settings and privacy’ menu option and then tap ‘Settings’. There you will scroll down to the Audience and visibility’ section and from there you will find ‘Blocking’. And when unblocking and confirming your choice, it is similar to a mobile browser process: tap ‘Unblock’ and then once more to indeed agree with the choice. 

Social media is a new normal for us when it comes to interacting with others and building relationships. Even when we moved almost fully online, we remained to be human beings with our cascades of different emotions and feelings. So when it feels like you’ve stretched too thin and cannot take it anymore, the platform allows you to decide whether you want to block this account or not or unblock it and restore a friendship if you know for sure that you are ready. However, the most important thing to remember is that whatever happens, our safety and sanity are the core factors for us to keep in mind when we are thinking about blocking or unblocking someone. 

So now you know where to go and how to unblock someone on Facebook and as you can see, it is pretty simple. Without sweating too much, decide for yourself what is best and execute this decision confidently just by following the steps provided above. We hope this article will be helpful and you can navigate through the process with ease. 

What if I want to block the account again, how should I do it?

If you decide to block a just unblocked account again, you will have to wait 48 hours before you can do it, and after 48 hours you can follow the same steps to bring the account back to the block list. 

Can people know that I’ve blocked them? 

No, when you block someone, Facebook doesn’t send any notifications to the blocked party. But since, when in the block, this person cannot see your activity, they still can deduce the situation.

I unblocked a profile, why can’t I see it in my Friends list?

When you block an account, you unfriend them too, the system does this automatically. So, when you unblock a person, you would have to send a Friend Request again.

Can I see if someone blocked me? 

You will not get an alert or notification from Facebook if someone decides to block you. However, you also check it by sending them a message or checking their profiles on activity.

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