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Live streaming for education: enhancing remote learning and training

Live streaming for education: enhancing remote learning and training

One of the elements that affects all of the spheres of life these days is digitalization. With the changes in the way we deal with things on a daily basis while the process of digitalization is going, radical changes are taking place in education as well. Here streaming plays a pivotal role.

Originally, streaming emerged among gamers who show other players the letsplay of any game by recording a computer screen. What is good about streaming?

  • The creator goes through the game several times, in order to show other players the most effective way to pass it (as repetition promotes better memorization and formation of special skills);
  • The users who watch the content created by the player are able to see the visual solution of the problem and do the same thing. Moreover, during the process comments also help other players to have a better gaming experience. 

Turns out that such activity is mutually beneficial for both parties involved in the creation of new content through the use of streaming technology. As for the sphere of education, the considered technology shows its effectiveness here as well. By using streaming-learning technology, creators not only positively affect distance learning, but also improve the "offline" learning experience.

Educational streaming: is it possible?

Streaming is a popular video format on two main platforms: YouTube and Twitch. Educational videos are not as popular on the platform as game letsplay videos. However, after 2020 when education faced a lot of obstacles, a new thing came up that changed the way we perceive education: accessible and it became much easier to find any topic you need and learn anything. 

YouTube is indeed one of the leading platforms for video posting. Here you can post anything using different video formats:

  • Shorts
  • Live Stream Videos
  • Simple posts
  • Videos (of any duration), etc.

Most importantly, it can’t be unseen how YouTube is trying to take learning experience online to a whole new level. Not so long ago ‘YouTube Study Hall’ was launched by the team. There you can find videos on any topic. They made education accessible for anyone who has access to the net (which is all of us literally). Not a surprise that the team is attracting more students around the globe to join the platform not only for entertainment purposes but also for learning. 

This is beneficial for the new generation that values online sources and that focuses on getting an education and acquiring new skills. Gladly, some social media platforms see this interest and try to make it possible for their users to achieve their educational goals for a brighter future. 

Here we shouldn’t also forget about Twitch and how it affects gaming and streaming society greatly. Twitch is often associated with the platform where users chat, watch streamers play games in real-time and ask for donations. However, this is not all that is offered by the platform. Still, these are the topics that are still popular on the platform:

  • Just Chatting
  • Games
  • IRL
  • Music
  • Esports
  • Creative, etc.

We shouldn’t forget that one of the pivotal moments in streaming is to find your niche and target more people to come across your content and follow for more. In fact, on Twitch there were already various videos on education just on narrow topics concerning music, DIY videos, etc. Moreover, a lot of users have watched videos on programming and started to learn programming languages using Twitch. 

According to statistics, more people now are looking for educational videos. The format has changed: from hour videos with a lot of information to more image-like content for a better understanding of the topic. Some people are looking for shorter videos, relevant cases, and unique editing styles. Actually, this works with the vast majority of the content if talking about videos. 

Nevertheless, we cannot unsee the fact that education is on another level. Still, there are long educational videos with a lot of information and terminology, however, online learning made that experience exceptional. All users are able to learn whatever they wish, whenever and wherever they want all thanks to the spread of online learning via streaming platforms. Besides, this technique is being implemented in Universities now making the learning experience more fun. 

How can you make your educational video content appealing to the masses?

Your account promotion is essential in this situation. You can promote it yourself, looking for relevant hashtags, and new accounts to follow so more people will know about you. However, if you want to make your educational videos go viral and help people acquire new skills via streams this may take years before you become noticeable on the platform. 

To save your time and focus on your content improvement, consider buying comments, likes, views and subscribers from Views.Biz from your YouTube and Twitch content. For more details and offers, you can visit our official webpage or contact us via our mail or support that is there to help you 24/7.

By buying YouTube and Twitch services from us you:

  • start to gain more credibility on the platform and make your content more appealing;
  • get a chance to beat up your competitors as it shows that your content is worth users’ time;
  • don’t only establish your community but also attract even more popularity to your channels;
  • receive organic promotion and only real people will follow your channel, so your account gains more trust on Twitch and YouTube

Don’t hesitate and try our best services and start not only to spread educational content but also monetizing it:

Stay tuned!

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