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8 Easy Steps to Promote Your Livestreams on YouTube

8 Easy Steps to Promote Your Livestreams on YouTube

The Benefits of Livestreaming on YouTube

Nowadays almost all social networks can conduct streams, but most bloggers prefer to create them on YouTube - the most popular video hosting in the world. In this article we will tell you how to promote a stream on YouTube to get feedback from the audience and new subscribers to the channel.

Features of streaming on YouTube 

The difference between YouTube and other streaming platforms

Why do more and more people prefer to stream on YouTube over other platforms?

1) It is most interesting to watch videos on some topics in live broadcast, for example unpacking purchases, announcing the results of a draw or playing a game. 

2) This is a good opportunity to get closer to your subscribers. A lot of people like to watch live a blogger that is interesting to them and have the opportunity to ask him a question. 

3) There is an opportunity to receive monetary donations from viewers on streams.

How to promote a stream on YouTube? 

Just starting a broadcast is not enough, you still need to attract viewers. The following life hacks will help you with this.

1) If you decide to launch a stream, it means that you already have at least 1,000 subscribers - they are your main audience at the moment, so try to actively use them. To promote your stream on YouTube, record its teaser and publish it on your channel with an announcement. 

2) A good way to promote your stream on YouTube is to share the link to it on all your active social networks. 

3) YouTube itself helps in promoting streams using the hints function. Activate them - and YouTube will advertise your upcoming broadcast in your videos free of charge. You can do this in the “Live broadcasts” menu in the “Advanced settings” tab. 

4) Collaborate with another blogger. This is a way to promote a stream on YouTube, which will attract an audience of two channels at once. 

5) To promote a stream on YouTube, it will be useful to optimize it in advance for the search engine: specify the desired video category, add tags, hashtags, and a description. 

6) A good way to promote your stream on YouTube is with a lead magnet, that attracts the attention of viewers for some kind of reward. This can be a free recording of a webinar, a discount in an online store, etc. The main thing is that the gift matches the topic of your stream. 

7) How to promote an already launched stream on YouTube? Create activity through communication with viewers. Answer their questions live, create a poll or encourage them to share their opinion in the comments. 

8) Don't forget about how to promote your YouTube stream after it ends. Some of the potential viewers may not have been able to watch your stream live, but they will be happy to rate it afterward. Therefore, be sure to save the recording of the broadcast on your channel.

Also, post a link to the stream on your social media and create an engaging video description highlighting the key and most interesting moments of the broadcast to intrigue new viewers and attract them to your next online broadcasts.

Tips for streamers: how to grow your audience and become famous? 

We have figured out how to launch the first stream. But how do you become a successful streamer?

-Broadcast regularly, this is the key to success. Don't be discouraged if the first live broadcasts will have few viewers, their number will increase with each stream. 

-Create a separate playlist for recordings of your broadcasts on the channel to make them easier to find. 

-Be as friendly with the audience as possible. Read their comments, answer questions, even not very pleasant ones, with humor and without rudeness, and just sincerely enjoy what you are doing. Then your viewers will also enjoy the broadcast and will definitely return to the next one.

We hope you find our tips helpful. However, we would like to remind you that your path to success will be faster and easier if you use our services. Follow the link and rock YouTube!

Stay tuned!

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