ᐉ What are the benefits of telegram channels?

ᐉ What are the benefits of telegram channels?

June 29, 2021 — 2 mins read

Unlike group chats, telegram channels are the microblogging platform that Tumblr wanted to create as opposed to long blog posts and short tweets. Obviously, with the help of channels, brands and media can deliver content and engage the audience; for experts and opinion leaders, Telegram channels can be a tool for broadcasting knowledge in the form of an author's mailing list, feedback, and networking. 


 One of the main advantages of running a channels telegram is the ability to notify users about new posts. Although most Telegram users turn off notifications in channels, they will almost certainly visit them anyway - but at a convenient time. Whether notifications are turned on or off, the number of unread messages will somehow be displayed in the chat list. It is this element that makes Telegram an attractive content distribution channel because in this case, the post coverage is 60-80% (a lot, compared to the average coverage of 7-10% on Facebook)

 Telegram has a cool feature that allows you to instantly invite new members by simply sharing a link to a group chat. The " telegram promotion " itself is greatly simplified, and it remains only to determine who is the recipient of this link or link to the channel in Telegram, and through what channels it will get to him. You can find the amount of telegram group members you need after you make an order on Views.biz.

 An ideal post on Telegram is exactly the one that you want to share, and exactly the one for which readers come to your channel. 


If on Facebook, Twitter it's hard to imagine posts without a picture, in Telegram, the need for constant content support with a "picture to attract attention" completely disappears. Why attract attention if the content is released once a day, and the user himself visits the channel specifically to study this daily post? 


The strategic component of telegram channels seems incredibly exciting. Channels and content work precisely to gather your target audience around them.

Advantages of running your own TG channel 

 Is it worth spending time creating and promoting a channel? Definitely worth it. And here's why: 


  • messages reach everyone who subscribes to your channel until the person unsubscribes (that is, no spam folders); 
  • emails reach 50%; 
  • you can accept orders for advertising if you have 5,000 or more subscribers (there is simply no point with fewer); 
  • you can use bots to facilitate channel management;

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