Tik-Tok News

Tik-Tok News

July 14, 2021 — 2 mins read

One of the most popular platforms is Tik-Tok now. New updates and functions appear every month. Let’s see what’s new we can see now.

TikTok now has the ability to promote an existing video. 


In the past, instead, organic views were exclusively on existing videos, now there are more opportunities to gain popularity on this young platform. 

  Now every brand or businessman will be able to successfully fulfill their KPIs. 


Now you can promote existing videos through an advertising business cabinet and get views to the required amount for money. 


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TikTok has launched a new ad type. 


Now any video in Tik-Tok can be promoted from the application. Previously, ads were only available on their business portal. 


Now you can promote any of your videos right in the app. There are three goals to choose from - Recruitment of subscribers (ads that Instagrammers have been passionately waiting for years and haven’t received), Video views, and Site visits. application screen.

You can choose automatic settings. Such advertising is paid for using virtual coins, they are purchased in the profile using Apple Pay / Google Play. 


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TikTok is rolling out shopping tags in Eastern Europe. 


Tiktokers with a blue checkmark have begun to receive the feature to sell items. In the profile, you can select products from the Tik-Tok catalog or insert a link to your online store. 


You can also specify the price of a product specifically for Tik-Tok Live.

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