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Top-10 Niches On YouTube Right Now

Top-10 Niches On YouTube Right Now

10 Best Niche Ideas to Boost YouTube Channel in 2022

Undoubtedly, more and more people are joining Youtube either to watch videos and spend their free time on the platform or actually promote their small businesses and profit from it.

One of the fundamental things a channel owner has to do if it was decided to upload original content - which niche to occupy. Of course, there are a lot of topics and various themes to choose from, but we understand that sometimes it might be hard because if you’re new to video posting you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses and then decide what you want to share with the users on the platform.

Niche selection for new YouTubers

In these topics we’ll provide 10 different kinds of niches one can occupy and will show you some details so you’ll understand better what you can do and where to pay your attention.

The first trending niche is related to cooking, food and recipes. After lockdowns, a lot of people stayed at home, and it facilitated the growth of the popularity of this niche. It’s not a surprise that people like to watch cooking videos for educational purposes (to understand how something is being cooked) or just leave a video going while doing something else like cleaning, writing or, for example, eating. People get a chance to see how restaurant food is cooked, what are the best recipes, cooking for beginners, and recipes from chefs. Notably, video makers that decide to focus on this niche after some time when they start to become popular they sell these recipes, write books, even come up with their own pottery and sell it as well. 

The  next niche to occupy is gaming, letsplays and live streams. In fact, the videos about gaming are very popular, there are so many channels that became notable on the platform because of this topic. This niche gets a lot of monetization as more and more people watch this kind of video. The biggest advantage of these videos is that they are entertaining and sometimes even relaxing, and work like TV in this case. Consider opening a gaming channel if you like to post live streams or walkthroughs. 

The third niche to consider is connected with vlogging and traveling. According to statistics, people are keen on watching traveling vlogs as well and get to know something new. With the opportunity to travel abroad people share their experiences living or staying abroad, they talk about cultural differences, peculiarities, and focus on different ways of living - so these videos are also educational. If you’ve been traveling a lot and you can talk about these topics related to different cultures and countries (and even give some tips) you’re free to do so occupying this niche. 

The next niche we’d like to add to our list is post fashion videos. This niche is for those who are creative and can share ideas with people, and inspire them. No matter whether you're a fashion designer or an ordinary person that just likes to style clothes, this niche is for you. You’re able to share details about the history of fashion, different styles, fashion goods, new trends, fashion weeks and many more. Note that very often bloggers are invited to fashion events by big companies for advertisement. So you also invest in your future in that industry. 

Health and fitness is the next topic that you can try yourself in. In the 21st century people are more concerned about their health, what they eat, how they exercise, which vitamins they should take to stay healthy, the peculiarities of living in a megapolis or small city, diets and many more. We advise you to come up with your own plan of what to post and stick to it, so you know that your content is interesting and you avoid similar topics. 

The next niche that we’d like to elaborate on is related to sports. In some way it may be connected to the previous niche but this one is more professionally oriented. Indeed, this topic is very competitive if you post videos about popular sports like football, basketball, instead we recommend you to post content connected with professional sports such as: hiking, skateboarding, golf, hiking and rock climbing. This kind of content is interesting to watch, a lot of people enjoy watching sports but there’s a lot of channels about football and other mainstream sports but few channels that focus on other kinds and you can change that.

Another niche that you can occupy is “technology”. Here you can review how particular devices work and provide your followers with some hacks, talk about different software and its peculiarities and so on. Users get more involved in technological aspects of their lives, devices are getting improved every day. These kinds of channels will be interesting for those who want to figure out how technological devices work.

The next topic is connected with home and DIY videos. This niche is always appealing. People like to renovate, design, craft something themselves, we all find it fascinating and it is definitely uplifting when you see something that you made yourself. Here you can post content such as how to make some different types of furniture, how to sew and what, room decoration tips, and also how to build something on your own. 

Consider opting for reviews of certain products and unboxing. In fact, before buying a particular product or choosing a service we all check the details, what is offered and whether it is worthy after all. Very often the reviews that a specific product has online is not enough and people turn to videos where people actually show what a product really is in real time, its advantages, life hacks and many more. 

The last niche that we’ll focus on today is educational videos and content with fact checking. You can come up with your own educational channel, provide your followers with different interesting facts, choose a narrow sphere and post your content about it, talk about physics and chemical reactions.

That was 10 niches on Youtube right now that we advise you to pay attention to. Remember to consider which topics are mainstream and which content you can post as unique and occupy a niche that you feel comfortable sharing information on the most. 

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