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Websites and platforms that were the most visited in the beginning of 2023

Websites and platforms that were the most visited in the beginning of 2023

The first month of the year has passed and brought us some new interesting information. We can already say what are the most visited websites for the past month. Why do you need that? It is a great opportunity to see what social networks and pages drag more attention and where you can spread your content awareness and attract more organic traffic to your page. Moreover, these statistics can make you see what platform you can use for promotion.

What are the most popular platforms and web pages?

One of the most popular web pages is Google. Actually, Google maintains being in the first place of the most visited pages not only for the beginning of this year. The vast majority of people worldwide use this search engine daily, therefore, the statistics shouldn’t be surprising. According to statistics the number of people that visited the page is more than 85 billion. 

The following web page was visited more than 33 billion times is YouTube. In fact, YouTube also runs by Google, and statistically, both YouTube and Google in general attract more web traffic to their pages than the other 50 pages together. The reason YouTube is the second most visited page is the content that is shared on the platform. Here anyone can find anything they need in different video formats (short or long videos and even streams). As well as Google, YouTube is a very user-oriented network. 

The third most visited page would be Facebook. More than 18 billion times the platform was visited by billions of users globally. Indeed, the information presented on Facebook is unique and oriented for people in professional spheres. Here a lot of users read news and other important information that considers the economy, politics, social issues, creative spheres, and new trends, etc. Generally, Facebook is the platform where important and actual information is presented.

Twitter is the next webpage that people visited the most during January 2023. According to the sources, the number of visits that the platform got equals more than 7 billion times. With ongoing disputes of whether Twitter will never be the same with the new CEO and whether it will still share the same principles as before (which is freedom of speech), the platform still remains one of the most visited platforms. Users believe that Twitter is still the place where different opinions are shared and where you can find a lot of detailed information about any kind of issue in simple words. 

Instagram is in fifth place on the list. Interestingly, it goes after Twitter and Facebook having more than 6 billion visits during this month. It is a surprise for many of us that Instagram had a lot of updates for its users, which logically would generate more activity on the platform but seem like it didn’t. Nevertheless, The platform remains in the top 5 of the most visited web pages and platforms of this month. Creators still have billions of people as their loyal audience, continue establishing loyal communities, and continue increasing sales. 

How can you increase the number of visits to YOUR page?

We came up with several important steps that will help you attract more organic traffic to your page:

1.Use SEO tools

Optimizing your content for better search results is key when talking about increasing the number of visits to your page. In this case, it is highly advisable to analyze your niche and understand what kind of keywords, tags and hashtags, thumbnails, etc. you can use in order to make your content more visible. Use Ahrefs to find the most relevant keywords for your content online and use Google Analytics to track and examine your visitors’ behavior. 

2.High-quality content is key

It is a well-known fact that high-quality content is more enjoyable to watch than lower quality. When you post content like this your target audience will consider it more reliable and you as a creator will gain more credibility.

3.Buy promotion services from reliable online sources

To save time on marketing and improve your content visibility online in a couple of clicks the vast majority of users turn to buy promotion services from trustworthy sources and reliable SMM panels such as Views.Biz, creators improve their metrics and social media presence on various platforms becoming more reputable. 

You receive quick and guaranteed results and get to choose among secure payment methods. With Views.Biz you won’t be suspended from any platform as the services comply with the terms and conditions of all social media platforms. Attract more people to your page and gain organic traffic with Views.Biz’s most effective services:

Buy YouTube Views - the prices are from $4.40 per 1000

Buy YouTube Package - the prices are from $21.00 per package

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Buy Instagram Likes - the prices are from $5.00 per 1000

Stay tuned!

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