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How to Monetize a YouTube Channel?

How to start Earning money from your YouTube channel

April 02, 2021 โ€” 3 mins read

What is advertising on YouTube?

You add a video to the channel, register as a partner of YouTube and the platform begins to select advertising for your rollers. The system works so that the advertisement corresponds to the audience and the subject of your video.

YouTube and advertisers pay not for watching the rollers themselves, and for watching advertising in them - commercial views. Commercial viewing is counted when the purpose of the advertiser is performed: the user browsing advertising a certain number of seconds transfers the link.

You need to go to the creative studio of your YouTube channel. Then, go to the "Monetization" section, click the "Apply" button, and follow the steps on the screen. Applications are usually processed within a month. 

Terms of monetization on YouTube: 

According to the minimum requirements, you can apply for participation in the YouTube Affiliate Program only if you have at least a thousand subscribers on your channel, and have accumulated at least 4 thousand hours of viewings in the last 12 months.

All existing and potential YouTube affiliates must adhere to content monetization guidelines, which include community guidelines, terms of use, copyright requirements, and AdSense program rules. 

  1. You also need to tie your channel with AdSense account:
  2. Go to the Monetization page.
  3. Click "Start" on the Card "Tie the AdSense account with the channel.
  4. Follow the instructions and wait for the confirmation to the mail.  It can take it up to 48 hours.
  5. You also need to tie your channel with AdSense account:
  6. Go to the Monetization page.
  7. Click "Start" on the Card "Tie the AdSense account with the channel.
  8. Follow the instructions and wait for the confirmation to the mail. It can take it up to 48 hours.

The best ways to monetize your channel:


Patreon - the platform where users pay money for the content.   

Cartridges can be subscribed to the work of the author, every month paying it a certain amount (from $1). Also the creators may request one-time payments for certain purposes.

Google and YouTube offers

YouTube and Google currently offer several basic methods for monetizing your channel.

  • Advertising - generating revenue from the different types of ads that are shown in your videos.

 There are also services to increase the number of advertising slots and other opportunities to increase the income that partner media networks provide. 

  • Integration on YouTube is hidden advertising in bloggers content, where the advertised product is not separated from the rest of the content, and therefore is not perceived by the viewer as advertising.

  • Item/service for review (you provide a blogger product or service, he in exchange for this makes their review. It is possible to align the format with a partial cash payment)

  • Special Project (Competition, Promotion, participation in events and various advertising projects).

  • Partnership programs. An excellent type of monetization on YouTube for narrow-gram YouTube channels with good attendance. You post partner links and brand references to your video and receive commissions from each affiliate sales, download application, registration.

If we take into account all the difficulties, the policy of video hosting, copyright, conditions of monetization, and work on the planned strategy, you can reach a good stable income on YouTube. 

It is important to remember that when connected directly to Google Adsense, the blogger will not additionally give the percentage of earnings, but also will not receive those additional advantages that it can make a medianet.  YouTube also will provide complete consultation and support in the case of legal and financial difficulties.

How to start monetizing your YouTube content

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